Welcome to WILPF Madison’s New Website!

We have officially transitioned to using WordPress as our website’s platform! Welcome new users and old!

Everything from our former site has been moved to this one, and so everyone should be able to access the same information as before – and more. The main difference is that this site is much more interactive. We will have a regularly updated column on the Home page, where readers can feel free to comment on current events, ideas, and articles as they are posted. We want this to be a communal space where we can come together and learn from one another about a variety of local and global challenges affecting women,  and therefore the peace and freedom, of our communities.  We also have a “Contact” page that will email us your questions, comments, and concerns directly. And we will have a “Resources” page with local, national, and international resources and organizations linked from our column and others that we all may find useful. This is intended to be an ongoing project in order to stay up to date with a world that changes quickly, so again, feel free to suggest new resources as they develop. WordPress also provides us much more space for media than our last platform, so if anyone has any photos or videos that they would like to share, share them with us 🙂 We would love to feature them on our site!

Please feel free to contact us with any issues you come across regarding our new website so we can address them. We hope that this will be a more accessible and vibrant portal for all of our members and followers to share opinions, insights, and knowledge, so we can each be more informed, empowered, and impactful members of our communities.


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