WILPF-Madison Supports Dane Sanctuary Coalition!

As of January 2018, WILPF-Madison is an official supporting organization of the Dane Sanctuary Coalition. This makes sense because sanctuary cities promote peace between law enforcement and ALL members of our communities. Check out the write up in our Spring newsletter!

A couple of things Dane Sanctuary Coalition has been talking about, and that we support:

If you are able, DSC is asking for help to pay the fines of those arrested as a part of the roadblock outside of Paul Ryan’s office in Racine, WI. Among the arrested were Randy Bryce and Cathy Meyers, both candidates running to replace Paul Ryan, as well as State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy Romo-West, and Voces de la Frontera’s Executive Director Christine Neumann-Ortiz. Support CIVIL and PEACEFUL disobedience in the name of protecting our Dreamers! Here’s the link!


Passing on a message from DCS about ProPublica:

I’m reaching out to let you know ProPublica and Univision Noticias have just launched an effort to better understand how often ICE and Border Patrol operations are taking place at “sensitive locations,” courthouses and other public places – and we would love your help in gathering information. Our call-out form, in English and Spanish, invites people to share stories about ICE enforcement activity they’ve witnessed or learned about. Though ICE has a general policy to avoid arrests and searches at places like schools, hospitals and places of worship, they don’t track numbers of how often enforcement activity happens in or near such places. And while courthouses and public transportation are not considered “sensitive,” we are still interested in how increased immigration enforcement under the Trump administration is affecting communities or victims and witnesses of crimes. etc. We’d really appreciate it if you would circulate our call-out request with your network and help us get it front of more people. Here’s the link! Y EN ESPAÑOL AQUI.


Join us! March 18th, 3-5pm, Sergio González and Cesar Vargas will lead a discussion about Latino immigration in today’s climate and historical context at Centro Hispano. Here’s the Facebook event page!

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