Our Bodies, Our Earth: Voice, Violence, and Peacemaking

The 3rd Annual 4W Summit on Women, Gender, and Wellbeing will be held concurrently with the 41st Women and Gender Studies Conference from April 13-14 at the Pyle Center on UW Campus – 702 Langdon St.  Madison, WI 53706. It’s called Our Bodies, Our Earth: Voice, Violence, and Peacemaking

The first 3 sessions will be held on Friday April 13 and the last 4 sessions will be held on Saturday April 14. Here is the link with the full schedule and summary of topics.

WILPF-Madison’s very own Mary Sanderson will be speaking about monetary reform alongside 3 other knowledgeable women as a part of an interactive panel! The summary of their presentation is below.

“What’s Money Got to Do With It?” Women and Monetary Reform
As Earthlings and females, we understand the need to protect habitat and future generations. But doing so requires monetary and economic stability for caregivers, their families and communities. Unfortunately, due to a flaw in how legislators institutionalized it 105 years ago, our money system systematically and increasingly impoverishes most living creatures to serve the interests of the very few. Ironically, habitat collapse and economic instability caused by our monetary system imperil rich and poor alike. It is crucial to understand this flaw and how our money system currently works, who benefits from and who pays for it, and how we can correct it. This interactive session with friends of the American Monetary Institute (AMI) will help participants to explore these issues and how to become part of a growing national and international movement for sovereign money reform. We will tell you about a suite of three concrete monetary correctives that together will create a level playing field from which we can eliminate poverty, end debt slavery, and sustainably rebuild our earthly commons for a thriving future.

This podcast gives a taste of what will be covered in their panel as well.

Make sure to register in advance – Come learn from fellow women! See you there!

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