Gather the Women

Gather the Women: A Community Breakfast!

The Madison Branch of Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom invites you to join our quarterly breakfast series! Each breakfast is a place for women activists (or activists of any gender identity) to come together, connect, converse, and engage with a topic affecting the peace and freedom of our world. Usually, a featured speaker(s) presents her passion and work, and leads a discussion about how we as a community can take action and contribute to solutions.

Our upcoming breakfast will be May 21st, featuring Stephanie Trask, student at Memorial High School and organizer of March for Our Lives in Madison, WI! She will be speaking on gun violence in schools and her work to end it!

For a taste of what kinds of subjects speakers have presented on in the past, see the list below!

  • Sagashus T. Levingston, founder of Infamous Mothers, on empowering women who mother from the margins
  • Juliee de la Terre, of the Sacred Water Sacred Land Institute, on her work to end toxic mining in Wisconsin and the theme of Water is Life
  • Betty Banks and Jeanne Erickson, founders of the Today Not Tomorrow Family Resource Center, on providing family services to the Madison community
  • Ellen Thomas, a WILPF US antinuclear activist and expert, on the International Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
  • Rebecca Kemble, Madison District 18 Common Council Alder, on the Standing Rock resistance.
  • Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the women-led peace group CODEPINK and the human rights group Global Exchange, on her work and her newest book, Kingdom of the Unjust.